iSPECLE 2.5 Liter Filter Free Ultrasonic Air Humidifiers Moisturizer

iSpecle Mist Humidifier is an unique air humidifier with all possible functions! The unit automatically maintains humidity at the appropriate level. It also works as ionizer. The device is easy and comfortable to use. In addition, its working time ranges from 8 to 10 hours. Aromatherapy will nourish your nerves.

iSPECLE 2.5 Liter Filter Free Ultrasonic Air Humidifiers Moisturizer

Features and adventures of iSpecle Mist Humidifier:

The latest technology – humidifier with the latest technology allows to set the humidity level. The humidifier is intelligent, fully automatic will controlled and constantly maintained it without the need for monitoring by the user.

Control – simple and intuitive with panel

Measurements –humidifier continually monitors and displays the humidity and temperature values

Ionization – negative ion generator

Safety – automatic shutdown of the humidifier in the absence of water. The security switch suspends the mist by the transmitter when the water level in the container is below the minimum. This helps to prevent the transmitter being destroyed.

Ease to use – functional and easy-to-use display

Energy saving – save energy and low power consumption

Capacity – 2.5 liter water capacity

Three modes – lower (red light), medium (green light), high (blue light)

The air humidifier is an ideal way to maintain adequate humidity in the room. It is characterized by very high efficiency and additionally looks very nice. The device has atomizer which provides real humidification capacity. It is extremely easy to clean- this humidifier adopts open design of water tank mouth which is convening for cleaning without dirty corners. Humidifiers are equipment regulating moisture content. Thanks to their properties they have found particular use in both private homes as well as offices, workplaces and public places. In addition it is very functional because allows to more efficient room humidification. Low power consumption, saving up to several dozen percent of normal energy consumption compared to conventional humidifiers.